Volunteers are the heart and soul of every grass roots football club.  All of our managers, coaches and committee members are volunteers with a passion to help our club and children develop. We are always looking for more help with both coaching and administrative tasks, so if you can spare a little time, give us a shout.

We are currently looking for coaches to help us maintain existing training groups as well as to generate new teams.  In particular we'd love to get more girls' teams up and running, and by preference with female coaches who can act as good role models and show it's not just a men's game.  If you are interested or know anyone who may be, please get in touch.  Full FA training and DBS clearance will be provided at the Club's cost (some clubs pass the charges on) and our friendly community of parent coaches will support you as you get to grips with it.

We're also looking for people to help us run the Club - there's a lot of work required behind the scenes and we try and keep it in small, manageable chunks so that those helping out don't find it becoming a burden.  We're looking particularly for a few roles as below at the moment, most of which will take a couple of hours a month on average, but if none of these leap out to you, shout up anyway - no offers will be turned away!

  • Child welfare - our CWO will be stepping away so we need someone primarily to process DBS checks in terms of time spent, but most importantly to act as the club conscience and ensure we are going above the required minimum to protect our kids, and to work with the FA in the rare event that a welfare issue arises
  • Events - running the social committee to coordinate efforts to put on and sell tickets for the few community events we run, most importantly our famous end of season event - obviously spikes in effort through the year
  • IT - to identify appropriate systems to help us grow, and to maintain and get the best value from our limited existing tech - average 1-2 hours a month to run but with periodic projects needing more time
  • Coach recruitment - to build links with local organisations to source external coaches and to work with parent groups to encourage people to step up to help run teams
  • Qualifications - keeping track of our coaches' training records, probably only an hour a month
  • Social committee - both to help organise, and to take part in, 3-4 events a year - not as onerous as it is elsewhere!  A few hours every few months, with the biggie being our end of season event when we also pull in more help from across the club
  • Merchandising - we do love our merch but we just don't have time to publicise it as well as we could and work with our design partner to come up with fresh ideas to make sure it appeals to our players
  • Competitions - we've suspended our League Ladder and Goooals competitions for now but would love to get them running again, so a few hours to get each set up once or twice a year, then an hour once a month for updates - ideas for new competitions also appreciated