Our benefactors

Our club is almost entirely funded by membership fees and we try to run a tight ship to give our members the best value and avoid dragging our volunteers into time-consuming and often dull fundraising activity.  Every now and again though an angel appears and offers us significant financial input with nothing asked for in return - this page is here to publicly acknowledge their contributions and give a huge THANK YOU from all the volunteers, players and supporters at WWFC - you are superstars one and all!  Big thanks too to the many other people, usually our smashing volunteers, who make small purchases every day which they could ask the club to fund, but choose not to - your generosity is much appreciated!

Steve and Julie Brown made huge donations not once but twice when we first got up and running, paying for jackets for all our new teams.  We've named our annual Most Improved Player award for the Wildcats team after them as a gesture of our gratitude.  The Browns are a right Willow dynasty: four of their grandchildren are current players, and the kids' parents are all current or previous volunteers in various capacities.

Coach Henry in one of our splendid jackets

Trent Safety Services provided all our PPE and new med kits to help us return to football after COVID-19 restrictions were relaxed - thank you to Raptors manager Liam and his team!  https://trentsafetyservices.co.uk/

Paul Rogers made a cash donation equivalent to a full new set of match kit for our Bulldogs - we used it to cover the cost of new jackets for a number of new joiners to the team.

Asda Arnold awarded us £200 through their Green Token scheme - thanks to everyone who voted for us, we didn't make top spot but it was a welcome consolation prize nonetheless.

Kath Duerden bought the tasty prizes at our inaugural Quiz Night in March 2019 - regrettably we didn't get a picture but those who were there had a superb time and it's become a regular fixture.

Jacqui Cornwell bought us the sweets sold at the 2019 end of season celebration - they went down a treat!