Willow Wanderers FC are currently seeking sponsorship through a number of routes, to improve the quality of coaching we can provide to our members while keeping fees low enough to remain accessible to the vast majority.  Please contact us if you are interested in advertising your business through our strong, recognisable brand, or if you are simply looking to support a local community project:

  • Shirt sponsorship: if you have the means to sponsor the whole club for a minimum of a two-year period, shirt sponsorship is available at a cost of £2500 per year.  With ten teams totalling 125 shirts as of January 2020, this is a significant investment for a business with a genuine benefit to be gained from having your brand displayed all across Nottinghamshire and into the surrounding counties, across age groups from 6-14 years old.
  • Matchday banners: for £500 a year (including cost of banner), have your business advertised throughout all WWFC games at our home venue at Carlton le Willows Academy on a 2.8m feather banner close to active pitches (except in high winds where the banner may represent a safety hazard).  You will in addition receive free tickets to and be entitled to advertise at a minimum of 3 key club social events per year.  We can also do low-standing rectangular banners at a similar size and price.
  • Training wear: while we prefer to have a single sponsor across all of our shirts in order to keep our brand consistent, there is more leeway in advertising on training wear.  The club provides rain jackets as part of the standard kit, and additional training wear is a purchasable extra for our players (see Merchandise on this website).  You can thus opt to fund training wear as a one-off purchase, for which you'll have your brand printed on the items funded, whether one or 100, meaning your brand remains on those items for as long as they remain in active use, which can be several years with hardier items like our rain jackets.  Contact us for detail of clothing prices and options for location of branding.
  • Website banners: have your company advertised right here on our website.  All sponsors will have free links on our site, but you can opt to get a presence on just the site without any physical advertising, starting from £100 per year.
  • Scholarships: training fees cost £240-300 per year.  You can have your brand name on an annual scholarship to either help underprivileged children to access the game, or as a prize for particular outstanding traits.
  • Trophies: we spend around £600 a year on trophies; fund our next batch of awards and have your brand inscribed on the trophy base.  You'll also be entitled to advertise at our end of season celebration where the awards are presented.
  • Open to ideas!  We're a football club, not an advertising agency, so if you have a creative approach to sponsorship that isn't covered elsewhere, we'd love to hear it.  As long as your product and brand are not unsuitable for associating with children's football, we'd be delighted to welcome you to the WWFC family.

Please note that we, like the vast majority of football clubs (youth or otherwise), are not a charity, and we cannot become a charity and continue to compete in anything other than charity matches, so donations to the club cannot be counted as charitable donations for tax purposes.