Training only: £10 per calendar month up to U10, £12 per calendar month U11 and over

Teams 5v5 and 7v7 (up to U10): £20 per calendar month

Teams 9v9 and 11v11 (U11 and over): £25 per calendar month

All our fees are paid by standing order by the 10th of each month, for that calendar month (e.g. by January 10th to cover the period from Jan 1st to Jan 31st).  To avoid having to cancel standing orders, we charge a flat rate across the full year, thus August is still payable even if no football is played (and we try to minimise August football, at least until after bank holiday Monday).  No cash payments are accepted to ensure all payments are auditable.

We keep our membership fees very simple in order to limit the amount of time spent collecting and chasing money, as we prefer our coaches to focus on coaching.  Fees cover all matches, training sessions, matchday kit (jerseys, shorts, socks) and rain jackets - we don't charge a kit deposit unlike many clubs, we trust you to treat the kit appropriately and to return it if you leave.  If kit is lost or damaged away from football matches, we do reserve the right to charge for replacements, but for normal wear and tear or simply because the kids have grown out of it, the Club will cover the cost.  Tournaments are included except for the optional professional club events at the likes of Forest and County which tend to be £15-20 per head.  We do sometimes cancel training if our volunteer coaches are absent due to work or holidays, lots of players are missing or there are serious weather issues, or occasionally just to give coaches and players a break - but we try and minimise this and usually our only significant breaks are the 4-5 week break over summer and the Xmas break.

We do charge a small amount for tickets to our end of season presentations, to fund the activities which we put on alongside; we aim to break even on this as they are a celebration of the year rather than a fund-raising activity.  All players who have been a part of a team for at least the majority of one mini-season receive a memento of the year, and we award trophies for players of the year, most improved and best attitude.  We do run occasional additional fundraising activities but these are strictly optional and do not contribute significantly to our income, being used more as community-building exercises rather than being relied on to support the club financially.