IT lead

We need someone to lead our information technology.  We don't have a lot, but like any modern organisation, IT is critical, so this is an important role.

What we're looking for is someone reasonably experienced to pick up all things technical for us - in essence, running the IT for a small business. We have a couple of solutions that need sourcing, having made do with Excel and email up to now; we want to make sure we're getting value from our subscriptions for things like email and forms; we need someone techie to support a move to a new website (with content being managed by others). There's a little admin to do, but not a huge amount; we're mostly driven by making admin as easy as possible for our volunteers, coaches and members, and making sure that when we spend our members' money, we spend it wisely.

In particular, we want someone who can:

  • explore what applications are out there for managing our member fees for example (it's all spreadsheet based today)
  • look to reduce costs on our existing IT spend (like looking at Google Forms which is free instead of Jotform which costs for our member forms - the features are bound to have come on in the last three years so it might be more suited now)
  • build forms (probably in Google again) for requesting new starters and leavers - we're not bad at starters but rubbish at leavers
  • help fix general stuff when it goes wrong, e.g. with the website (although someone else will build a new one shortly and will manage content)
  • find clever and cheap solutions to problems we don't know we have yet 

If that's not you, but you could do some of the admin in this area, please still get in touch as there is an associated role possible which focuses on setting up and managing our contacts, and assigning licences.